Finding partners to conduct mock case interviews is essential as it gives you the opportunity to put in practise everything you learn about business cases.

Need a Partner to Practise Cases?

Try our new Case Partner database to find other candidates who wish to improve their case skills! You can filter partners by multiple criteria:

  • Firm targeted
  • Level of Experience
  • Language
  • Time availability

Once you find the right match, contact them to arrange in-person mock case interview or practice on Skype/G-Talk. You can also increase the chances of finding the best partners by registering as a case partner!



Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.54.04


Be critical! There is no point in repeating the same mistakes over and over. Give as much critical constructive feedback as possible, so you add value to your partner. Similarly, take the feedback seriously and write your mistakes down. It is better  to learn a lot from a few cases than trying to crack 100.


Other Ways of Finding Partners

The websites below also offer databases of case partners.


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    1. Thank you Lydia! It’s great to hear you found it helpful. Please feel free to spread the word 🙂


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