In some offices, McKinsey and BCG candidates are required to take a multiple-choice test to demonstrate their analytical skills. It consists of approx. 23-26 questions, based on real client cases, and doesn’t require business background (although it does require strong math skills). This test is designed to help candidates understand the type of work they would be doing and allow the firms to have results directly comparable.

McKinsey Problem Solving Test and BCG Potential Test are very similar – they serve the same purpose and test the same skills – so the preparation process is almost the same. All the resources below are useful regardless of which one you are taking!


General Guidelines

Here are links that answer any general questions you may have regarding the PST. You don’t need to read through all of them – they are mostly helpful if you’re not aware what the PST is in general.


Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 18.54.04Check whether the country you are applying to requires you to take the test. Some countries do not use it anymore.

Before you practise the tests, take some time to improve the speed and accuracy of your numerical calculations (see Consulting math drills).

Plan carefully. Free resources available to practise PST are rather limited. Plan carefully how to use them. Practise Test A – first alone and then together with Top Tips (see below).  You only need one practice test to understand what you are expected to do; then improve your weak skills (e.g. numerical, graph interpretation) BEFORE you take another one.

Work clean when taking the test. Apart from testing your analytical skills, this test also requires you to work fast and accurate. Therefore, write down your results clearly and label them – it might be that e.g. question 5 will refer to a result you already calculated in question 2. If you clearly write down what you’ve calculated already, you will save precious time.


Test Practice

Use these practice tests wisely – there aren’t many available online. Remember the Consulting Challenge Tips above.



These are some additional youtube material that may be of help.