A necessary condition to perform well in both the standardised test and the business cases is to feel comfortable with numbers and to be able to make accurate calculations fast. In most cases you will be given a piece of paper to make the calculations, but you could also be asked to solve mental maths.  



If you are unfamiliar with the why’s and what’s of consulting maths, here is a useful summary MCP: Consulting math. It’s a quick read and covers the basic information regarding math practice.



Consulting Math Drills  by Consulting Challenge: This is an excel file we developed which contains training for multiplications, subtraction, large numbers, percentages and more. We suggest doing math drills once a day for about 15 min

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If you are practising these exercises for:

1. Business Case Interview Prep: Divide your practice into small hurdles. Target 100% accuracy. 

2. McKinsey PST or BCG Potential Test: Divide your practice into small hurdles. Only allow yourself  a few seconds per question (gradually move down). Then try to increase the number of correct answers within the pre-targeted time allowed.



For math problems, the following mental shortcuts can help you calculate math problems quicker.screen-shot-2018-07-31-at-15-43-43.png


Other Resources

The following links contain some further free practices we found online, only in case you require more practice. In our experience, the content mentioned above is sufficient.